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June 19


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Hello everyone! :aww:
Here's the feature of deviantARTSupporters group. :la:
You will see here BEST works created by the members.

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Nightmares and ThunderstormsThe rain had been coming down all night long, rapping out a constant beat on the roof, lulling everyone in the house to sleep, only to have the thunder clap over head around two in the morning.  It shook the cabin, making Elizabeth jump awake at the sound, her heart hammering quickly in her throat as she looked around the room in a panic.  Her room was nothing but darkness, only lighting up with the sky flashed, letting her make out the silhouette of Kat's sleeping form in the bed next to her's. She took deep gulping breaths, shivering badly as her chest tightened making her wing tremble tautly, her other bare shoulder starting to ache.
It hadn't always been like this. She could remember before her accident, storms were just an excuse to go out and be reckless.  Her and the others from her first flock would let the wind scoop them up and toss them around in open areas, and it was almost a game.  She knew she shouldn't have been doing it that night, the weather was s
Winter in Love by asiapasek If this Life is UsHow does one express the feeling of fulfillment.
The feeling that you are completely incomplete.
Like the world is wrapped around your head and spinning out of control.
But you marvel at its chaos.
This is how I am, this is who I am.
A mess of hope and curiosity of what tomorrow brings.
A hopeless romantic of life and all she offers.
Everything, the joy, the sadness, the anger.
All of it.
The feeling that we all experience, but never can fully put into words its grand gesture and mark on our own life.
Here I sit on the edge of the world looking back at all that has been and all that will be, knowing that one day it will end.
The past is only stories we tell and the future lye waiting to be written.
But I am unmovable, I wish to ponder, to hit pause on this roller coaster and take it all in.
The possibilities.
The life I have.
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